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Musical MIDI Accompaniment

MMA (Musical MIDI Accompaniment) is an accompaniment generator. It creates MIDI tracks for a soloist to perform over from a user-supplied file containing chords and MMA directives. It is very versatile and generates excellent tracks. It comes with an extensive user-extendable library with a variety of patterns for various popular rhythms, an extensive user manual, and several demo songs. It is a command line driven program. It creates MIDI files which need a sequencer or MIDI file play program.


RSS Recent releases

  •  22 Dec 2013 01:15

Release Notes: This stable release features a number of Solo/Melody enhancements, support for multiple user library paths, MIDI enhancements, and many minor enhancements and bugfixes.

  •  21 Oct 2012 17:58

    Release Notes: New voicing options, sequences in melody/solo tracks, and many minor bugfixes and enhancements.

    •  21 Feb 2012 00:54

      Release Notes: In addition to the usual bugfixes, MMA now has a Stretch command for solo/melody track notation and imported MIDI files, Duproot enhancements, and Aria tracks which support Key-signature scales.

      •  03 Jan 2012 21:55

        Release Notes: There are many bugfixes and general enhancements. New features include the support of Polychords, improved chord voicing, note ornamentation for most tracks, and a track delay setting. Note that the version numbering scheme is changed to YY.MM.

        •  25 Dec 2010 06:16

          Release Notes: A PolyChord extension (very cool sounds), enhanced groove notation so you can combine a filename with a groove name (not so cool, but useful), and some bugfixes.


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