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Sincerity is a tool for installing and bootstrapping software stacks on top of the JVM. It makes these otherwise tedious tasks easy, simple, and fun. Your Sincerity containers are straightforward development playgrounds. Simply create a new container when you want to try out a new approach. Delete the directory when done, and it's as if nothing ever happened. Sincerity's growing ecology of plugins makes it especially easy to add powerful features to your product, such as centralized logging and robust daemons with surprisingly minimal fuss.

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  •  03 Jan 2014 02:10

    Release Notes: This is the first public release of Sincerity. It comes with skeletons to support Prudence, Ruby on Rails, Django, Jetty, Hadoop, Solr, Felix, Nexus, and LWJGL.


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    A library for DWARF debug information reading/writing.


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    An XML database and XQuery processor.